half time

A Book of Poetry About Winning Attitudes, Thankfulness, Family, Children, Love and God

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Long before he became a successful entrepreneur, Greg Nelson was a poet. He developed a love of expressing himself in verse from the first limerick he wrote in sixth grade, which began, “There once was a lady from Asia/She didn’t have money to pay ya.”

For years, Greg kept his penchant for poetry to himself. He confides, “It took me over 20 years to share a poem I had written with another person.” When he did, the heartwarming results surprised him. After sending an inspirational poem to a business associate mired in a challenging situation, Greg received a hand-written note telling him how much the poem had encouraged the recipient. Another time, an orthopedist customer said his wife liked the poem so much she displayed it on her refrigerator.

Buoyed by this response, when Greg turned 50, he decided to collect the poems he had written over the years into half time. Published in 2006, the book has received widespread praise.


half time Excerpts

Floor Burns of Life

Life’s hustle takes its different turns
When the effort you give is your best,
A new test is always just around the corner
Separating true champions from the rest.

Challenges and obstacles number often and many
Sometimes the odds of winning look bleak,
Reach deep inside you, strengthen your feelings
For throwing in the towel is for the weak.

Floor burns and bruises are part of the ordeal
Can’t avoid such when in battle or war,
Believing you have given every amount of effort
Your spirit lies beaten and sore.

It’s important to know the truth of your effort
Did you give everything you had?
Did you dive for the loose ball and help your team?
Anything less than 100 percent is sad.

You really can’t believe you’ve given your best
If you don’t have some floor burns of life.
Knowing when to reach deep and make a difference
Shows confidence, inner-strength and a feeling of what is right.


Teamwork can be traced to most every success story
‘Cause few deeds are accomplished alone,
Any tough challenge will be most often achieved
When teamwork – the Spirit of a Team – is shown.

The momentum of any single-minded force
Is hard for anything or anybody to stop,
Such energy garnered by people working together
Will put most teams over the top!

Every player must know well his position
Every player should know the plan,
Every player must be ready to help others
Part of teamwork is helping your fellow man.

First you have to decide for yourself
Because teamwork means “Doing Your Part,”
Doing what’s good and remembering
There is no “I” in team
Is a great start!