• Shirts and Skins

    Whether you’re wearing a three-piece suit and tie with polished shoes, or golf shirt, shorts and flip flops: to win any game, you have to pick the players on your team wisely.


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  • Over 75000 Served

    Since its 1952 inception, the Club has been lauded as a second home, a safe harbor, the positive place for kids, the place that kept us safe, saved my life and where great futures start.


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  • slide_2

    Long before he became a successful entrepreneur, Greg Nelson was a poet. He developed a love for expressing himself in verse from the first limerick he wrote in sixth grade, which began, “There once was a lady from Asia/She didn’t have money to pay ya.”


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It all began for Greg Nelson with basketball and the Carlsbad Boys Club. Growing up in Carlsbad, California in the 1960s as the eldest of two sons of a single mother, the Club was Greg’s second home and the basketball court was where he honed the teamwork skills that would propel his business success.

A decade later, a friendly basketball game with two buddies led Greg to the first of three eminently successful medical orthopedic ventures. DonJoy, Inc. (now DJO Global), established in 1977 and sold in 1987 for $23 million, is still the world’s largest manufacturer of knee braces. After serving as President of DonJoy, Greg went on to serve as Chairman of BREG, Inc. and as Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of United Orthopedic Group.

Like his career and life, Greg’s books exemplify the positive power of teamwork. He says, “At the Club, on the court and in business, I was supported and coached by caring mentors. Now I want to emulate my role models by motivating others to think and act as a member of a team.”